Extended Warranty

Contractor Labor Warranty

A Contractors' Preferred Protection Plan provides
greater protection against unexpected repair costs

Several Westinghouse HVAC products that are covered under extended warranty

After you install a new Westinghouse HVAC system, you can expect your system to run expertly and provide better home comfort;

however, even when a system is maintained annually and properly installed, you can still end up having to make a repair during the life of the system. And when you need to hire a contractor for a service call, you can end up paying out-of-pocket for labor costs.

A Westinghouse heating and air system comes with a long parts warranty;

however, this protects against the cost of parts but not the cost of labor. A Contractors' Preferred Protection Plan will help fill the financial gap by covering your labor expenses.

Remember that a Westinghouse heating and air parts warranty does not include the cost of labor. Because of the high costs of labor, you can potentially recoup the money you spend purchasing the Contractors’ Preferred Protection Plan after one service call.

In North America, labor costs range from $75 to $150 per hour, on average. The cost of a labor protection plan can easily be made up after one service call.

For more information, download the Contractors' Preferred Protection Plan brochure.

CPPP iconMake sure you ask your contractor about the warranty plans that they offer. Not every Westinghouse dealer is going to offer all protection plans, including the Contractors' Preferred Protection Plan. If a dealer does offer this labor protection plan, it will be indicated by a shield icon on the dealer locator.

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