Westinghouse Heating and Air Improves Air Conditioners with Innovative Micro-Channel Coils

Westinghosue Micro-Channel Coil

The FS4BE and FS4BF air conditioners include corrosion-resisting coils.

St. Louis, November 27, 2012 Westinghouse heating and air is releasing their 14-SEER FS4BE and 16-SEER FS4BF air conditioners with all-aluminum Micro-Channel coils that are more insusceptible to corrosion. The systems will be available up to 4 tons in both efficiencies.

Traditional copper tube-in-fin coils can be susceptible to corrosion and resulting leaks. The all-aluminum design of Micro-Channel coils helps keep corrosion at bay.

Corrosion resistance is not the only benefit of these updated Westinghouse HVAC systems. Further benefits include:

  • Less refrigerant used: These air conditioners will use up to 42% less R-410A refrigerant than their predecessors.
  • Smaller size: The experts at Westinghouse have lowered the height of some units by up to 4 inches, and, because of the new coils, these units will weigh 6-7% less than units that utilize copper tube-in-fin coils.

For more information on these innovative, expertly-crafted Westinghouse air conditioners, contractors and distributors should visit www.westinghousehvac.com.

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