Westinghouse Introduces Two New iQ Drive® Systems

Westinghosue FT4BG and R6GI

New split-system heat pump and gas pack are highly efficient and quiet.

St. Louis, November 12, 2012 The experts at Westinghouse heating and air have further utilized their inverter-driven technology to release two new iQ Drive products: The iQ Drive FT4BG split-system heat pump and iQ Drive R6GI gas pack.

The new Westinghouse FT4BG is rated at up to 19 SEER and 10 HSPF. The heat pump system is able to reach these high levels of efficiency because of the use of an inverter-driven rotary compressor. The system is available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 ton capacities.

The new Westinghouse R6GI packaged gas/electric system also reaches extraordinarily high levels of efficiency. It is rated at 20 SEER and 81% AFUE, making it the most cooling-efficient gas pack in the industry.

"With inverter-driven technology we are constantly soaring to new efficiency heights," says Dave Garvin, Westinghouse product manager. "These new products are a testament to the high levels of efficiency that can be reached by using this innovative technology."

With inverter technology, these new systems are able to modulate between approximately 40% and 118% capacity in five stages. In addition to the modulating capabilities, these systems also have low noise levels. They read as low as 59 dBA, meaning that they are not only efficient, but also a quiet addition to the home that won't impact daily life through noisy on/off cycles.

"We also added some installation conveniences," explains Garvin. "The new iQ Drive products work with two-stage thermostats and do not require shielded cable."

These two systems join Westinghouse's other iQ Drive inverter products the 24.5-SEER FS4BI air conditioner and the 22-SEER FT4BI heat pump. This gives Westinghouse the most complete line of inverter driven products available.

To discover all of Westinghouse's innovative, energy-efficient iQ Drive products, contractors and distributors can find more information on www.westinghousehvac.com.

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