Westinghouse Recognized as a Premium Choice for Consumers

Westinghouse FT4BI Best Buy

FT4BI iQ Drive® heat pump receives a Consumers Digest Best Buy.

St. Louis, September 30, 2012 The experts at Westinghouse have created an innovative, energy-efficient heat pump that's recognized by a leading consumer advocacy publication. The Westinghouse 22-SEER iQ Drive FT4BI heat pump has been named a Consumers Digest Best Buy.

In addition to the FT4BI being named a Consumers Digest Best Buy, the Westinghouse iQ Drive line of products has also received this distinction previously for the FT4BI heat pump and for the FS4BI iQ Drive air conditioner.

According to Consumers Digest, Westinghouse's premium heat pumps were singled out because "the FT4BI series has more to like than any other heat-pump line," including an inverter-driven rotary compressor that modulates the system.

An inverter-driven rotary compressor offers a number of benefits that have implications for the energy-efficiency ratings of the system and the noise levels associated with the system. Because the heat pump is able to modulate from 40 up to 118 percent capacity, the system is able to regulate just how much energy is used to heat or cool a space. This means that the system is more energy efficient.

Additionally, the system does not constantly turn on and off, also saving energy and making the system quieter than other HVAC systems. It also provides exceptional humidity control in areas with moderate humidity levels.

To learn more about the 22-SEER Westinghouse iQ Drive heat pump a two-time Consumers Digest Best Buy dealers and distributors should visit www.westinghousehvac.com or www.iqdrive.net.

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