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Westinghouse 95% AFUE, FG7SD, FG7SM Gas Furnace
Westinghouse Condensing Gas Furnace

Westinghouse 95% AFUE, FG7SD, FG7SM Gas Furnace

  • Quiet Performance: This unit operates at extra-quiet noise levels due to the use of an insulated blower compartment.
  • Superior Home Comfort: To eliminate blasts of cold air when your furnace first turns on, this model includes a 30-second blower delay to promote a warm duct temperature.
  • Increased Ignitor Life: For increased ignitor life, this furnace uses technology known as SmartLiteŽ. This technology learns the start-up characteristics of your furnace and adjusts ignition time for maximum ignitor life.
  • Every Manufacturing Step Check for Quality: We perform numerous quality checks on all equipment that leaves the factory to maintain high quality standards. This furnace is checked 234 times before it leaves the factory.

Exceptional, energy-efficient performance is offered by gas furnaces in the FG7 series. You can expect efficient, 95% AFUE with this particular furnace model (when correctly paired with a quality Westinghouse outdoor unit and coils). Talk to your contractor and find out if your home can benefit from this gas furnace.

Product Code: FG7SD-M
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Warranty Info
  • Exceptional 10-year all-parts warranty
  • Long-lasting peace of mind with 10-year Quality Pledge to replace the entire unit if the heat exchanger fails
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