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Westinghouse 96% AFUE, FG7TE, FG7TN Gas Furnace
Westinghouse Extra-High Efficiency Gas Furnace

Westinghouse 96% AFUE, FG7TE, FG7TN Gas Furnace

  • Multiple Stages of Operation: The FG7TE and FG7TN feature two stages of operation, maximizing energy efficiency through low and high capacity operation.
  • Efficiency Maximizing Technology: This model's iSEER technology maximizes the efficiency of most air conditioners and heat pumps, meeting ENERGY STAR requirements.
  • Airflow Flexibility: Features 16 heating and cooling speeds to overcome most difficult high-static applications.
  • Features Promoting Quiet Operation: The blower compartment of this furnace is insulated, resulting in ultra-quiet operation. Cabinet air leaks occur less than 2% of the time.
  • Maximum Home Comfort: A 20-second blower delay assures a warm duct temperature at furnace start up - no blasts of cold air.
  • Smart Ignition Technology: SmartLite technology learns the start-up characteristics of the unit in order to adjust the firing percentage of the igniter. This can extend the life of the igniter - one of the key components of your furnace.
  • Checked at Every Step: Before it leaves the factory, your gas furnace will undergo a quality check at each manufacturing point - 234 times in all.

The Westinghouse FG7TE and FG7TN natural gas furnace offer exceptional comfort and efficiency. This model reaches up to 95% AFUE. That means that nearly all of the energy that is put into the unit is converted into heating power for your home. This can help you save on utility bills during the winter.

Product Code: FG7TE-N
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Warranty Info
  • Exceptional 10-year all-parts warranty
  • Long-lasting peace of mind with 10-year Quality Pledge to replace the entire unit if the heat exchanger fails
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