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  Westinghouse 13 SEER, P6SD Packaged Air Conditioner
Westinghouse Package Air Conditioner

Westinghouse 13 SEER, P6SD Packaged Air Conditioner

  • Brief Availability: New efficiency minimums have been enacted, meaning that this model is no longer in production. The P6SD will only be available until units that have already been manufactured before the new efficiency standards went into effect are sold. Want a similar model? Check out the P8SE.
  • Designed to Resist Corrosion: Each Westinghouse packaged unit contains two enhanced coils for better resistance against corrosion.
  • Interior Protected: The wire coil guard and never-rust mesh hail guard supply premium protection for the coil. This protects against damage caused by balls, lawnmowers, hail and more.
  • Low Levels of Vibration and Quiet Operation: A 20-inch fan blade and a custom venturi condenser fan help assist in the quiet operation of this unit.
  • Backup Heat Available: This packaged system contains a backup electric heat strip that supplies 20 kW of necessary backup heat.
  • Engineered to Resist Corrosion: Each component is carefully selected to enhance the value of the unit. This model is constructed using galvanized steel coated in a polyester-urethane finish.
  • Maintain High-Quality Standards: To ensure that the best units possible are produced, packaged equipment undergoes numerous quality checks – 72 in total.

The P6SD series of packaged air conditioning units by Westinghouse offers exceptional 13-SEER cooling in a larger footprint. Packaged systems that have a large footprint offer installation flexibility. This packaged air conditioner will only be available for a limited time.

Product Code: P6SD
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Warranty Info
  • Exceptional 10-year all-parts warranty
  • Long-lasting peace of mind with 10-year Quality Pledge to replace the entire unit if the compressor fails
  • Product registration required

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