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Westinghouse 13 SEER, 7.7 HSPF, Q6SD Packaged Heat Pump
Westinghouse Packaged Heat Pump Heater

Westinghouse 13 SEER, 7.7 HSPF, Q6SD Packaged Heat Pump

  • Because of Changes to Packaged Equipment Efficiency Standards: This packaged heat pump is no longer manufactured. For a similar model, check out the Q6SE.
  • Advanced Coil Technology: The coils in this unit are enhanced to protect against coil leaks caused by corrosion.
  • Quiet Packaged Model: A 20-inch fan blade and custom venturi condenser fan provide exceptionally quiet, smooth operation.
  • Protection Provided by Coil Guards: Both a wire coil guard coated in an Earth-friendly epoxy and a never-rust mesh hail guard protect this unit. In fact, these components are able to protect against damage caused by balls, lawnmowers, hail and more.
  • Heat Available with Electric Strip: For when temperatures drop – this packaged unit comes equipped with an electric heat strip that can supply 20 kW of backup heating power.
  • Dependable Exterior: The heftiest materials are used to construct this heat pump. It is constructed using galvanized steel coated in a corrosion-resistant, polyester-urethane finish.
  • Increase Quality with System Checks: Quality checks are a priority at Westinghouse. We check all of our packaged equipment 72 times before it is shipped.

The Q6SD series of packaged heat pumps by Westinghouse offers excellent performance. This includes 13-SEER cooling efficiency and 7.7-HSPF heating efficiency. Due to changing efficiency regulations, the availability of this unit is limited. Ask your contractor whether this model is still available.

Product Code: Q6SD
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Warranty Info
  • Exceptional 10-year all-parts warranty
  • Long-lasting peace of mind with 10-year Quality Pledge to replace the entire unit if the compressor fails
  • Product registration required

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