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Westinghouse iQ DriveŽ Air Handler
iQ Drive; Air Handler Electric Furnace

Westinghouse iQ DriveŽ Air Handler

  • The B6VMAI: Air handler is no longer offered. Talk to your local Westinghouse HVAC contractor to get the right air handler match for your air conditioner or heat pump.
  • Controlling Your Indoor Environment: This air handler’s iQ Drive controller provides important insights into the operation of your unit (maintenance reminders and troubleshooting diagnostics) in addition to its programmable comfort schedule.
  • Leading Micro-Channel Coil: The evaporator coil in this unit helps it stand up to corrosion.
  • Multiple-Speed Operation: Because it runs longer at a lower speed, the iQ Drive variable-speed motor provides more consistent temperatures throughout the home and allows for extra-quiet operation.
  • Extra Quiet: The blower on and off cycles result in extra quiet and smooth operation.
  • Heavy-Duty Exterior: GA high-quality finish coats the galvanized steel case of this unit. It is corrosion resistant.
  • High-Quality Insulation: The 1” thick insulation helps prevent cabinet sweating in difficult applications and also contributes to quiet operation. The insulation has an R-value of 4.2.

The Westinghouse iQ Drive series of high-efficiency air handlers offers exceptional comfort. In fact, when you pair this air handler with an ultra-high efficiency iQ Drive air conditioner, you can get upwards of 20-SEER cooling efficiency. Talk to your iQ Drive certified Westinghouse contractor to find out if this is the right unit for your home.

Product Code: B6VMAI
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Warranty Info
  • When installed with a matched outdoor unit, this product offers a 10-year parts warranty.
  • Product registration required.

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