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A zoning system can make controlling the comfort levels of each area of your home a cinch. Eliminate those pesky hot or cold spots and save money along the way.

Westinghouse iQ Zone Zoning System Westinghouse Zoning System
Maximize the efficiency of your iQ Drive® system by creating up to 8 separate temperature zones in your home. Create 2 to 8 comfort zones in your home, each with its own temperature control.

For optimum system performance and energy savings, turn to a Westinghouse zoning system.

If you have a large home, multi-story home, or a room that will never reach the right temperature, you should invest in an expertly designed Westinghouse zoning system. These carefully crated, whole-home comfort systems are able to regulate the temperature of your home by rooms or groups of rooms - each controlled by their own thermostat. When each zone reaches temperature, your HVAC system will know to shut off access to that area; thus, you are saving energy and money by not having to heat or cool an area that has already reach the right temperature.

We have zoning systems that suit every system. We even have one that is specifically designed for our highly-efficient iQ Drive® systems. These premium units already reach the highest level of cooling efficiency in the industry - up to 25.5. SEER! But, by adding the iQ Zone® system, you can enjoy 12% additional energy efficiency.

Select from either our regular zoning system or our iQ Zone zoning system to find out which one you want and/or need. By using the dealer locator, you can find the Westinghouse contractor in your area that is qualified to install your helpful zoning system. Talk to your contractor today.

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