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A zoning system can make controlling the comfort levels of each area of your home a cinch. Eliminate those pesky hot or cold spots and save money along the way.

Westinghouse Zoning System
Create 2 to 8 comfort zones in your home, each with its own temperature control.

For optimum system performance and energy savings, turn to a Westinghouse zoning system.

If you have a large home, a multi-story home, or just a home with rooms that never seem to reach the ideal temperature – a Westinghouse zoning system could be the answer to your problems. These carefully-crafted comfort systems are able to control the temperature of your home by room or by clusters of rooms. Each of these separate “zones” are controlled by their own thermostat and can be specifically tailored for your comfort needs. When each zone reaches temperature, the zoning system knows to block access to those rooms. This way you are using your heating and cooling power in the most efficient way possible – saving you money on utility bills.

Select our zoning system and get in touch with your local heating and cooling contractor. You can quickly and easily find a Westinghouse HVAC contractor by using our simple dealer locator – just enter your zip code and find the HVAC professional nearest you.

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