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Want the best Westinghouse has to offer? Look for the ecoLogic® label. These home comfort units offer maximum efficiency and performance.

Westinghouse iQ Drive Air Conditioner Westinghouse Condensing Gas Furnace Westinghouse Condensing Gas Furnace Westinghouse iQ Drive Heat Pump
One of the most efficient and quiet air conditioners available. Our premier furnace. The most efficient, quietest one we offer. Exceptional energy efficiency, comfort and quiet with two-stage, variable-speed technology. Ultra-high efficiency. Our quietest, most efficient heat pump.
Westinghouse 19+ EER, 3.8+ COP Geothermal Direct Geoexchange Heat Pump Westinghouse iQ Drive Gas Pack Westinghouse iQ Drive Heat Pump Westinghouse Heat Pump

Using Earth’s energy for ultra-efficient heating and cooling.

Ultra-high efficiency. The most efficient gas pack you can buy. Ultra-high efficiency and very quiet. Extra-high efficiency cooling and heating in a very quiet model.
Westinghouse Air Conditioner Westinghouse iHybrid Gas Pack Dual Fuel Packaged Westinghouse Package Air Conditioner Westinghouse Gas Pack
Extra-high efficiency cooling in a very quiet model. Our premier packaged system. Extra-high efficiency and two fuel sources for ultimate energy savings. High-efficiency packaged air conditioner in a small footprint. Extra-high efficiency cooling and gas heat with two stages for maximum comfort.
Westinghouse Gas Pack
Premium heating efficiency and additional home comfort features make this gas pack a smart choice.

Westinghouse offers efficient, premium ecoLogic® units.

Although there are a number of systems that receive the ENERGY STAR® seal, only the top-of-the-line Westinghouse energy-efficient units are named ecoLogic® systems. Each unit must not only reach high efficiency levels, but contain additional eco-friendly benefits that make them attractive to homeowners looking to go green. For example, each furnace must produce low-levels of nitrous oxide - a harmful byproduct that can contribute to global warming, acid rain and more.

Not to mention, each cooling unit uses non-ozone-depleting refrigerant - R-410A. While other refrigerants like R-22 contain chlorofluorocarbons, or CRCs, R-410A does not. CRCs have been named one of the most serious contributors to ozone depletion and their use is strongly discouraged by many government agencies.

Going green is easy with an ecoLogic system. Select from the options to the left to tailor your ecoLogic system search. Or, use the dealer locator to find a contractor in your area that can explain the benefits of choosing an ecoLogic product.

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