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Furnace Not Working? It May Be Time to Either Make a Repair or Replace an Old System.

Even the average furnace can last up to or around 20 years; however, that doesn't mean that it is running at peak efficiency levels. If your furnace is around 15-years-old, it may not be covered under its warranty any more, which means you will be paying for any repairs out-of-pocket. That also means it may be time to stop repairing that old system and start the search for a new, more efficient heating unit. Buying a new furnace has plenty of benefits over repairing an old system. These benefits include:

  • Saving money on utilities through higher efficiency levels. Furnaces manufactured before 1994 often run at levels of efficiency between 60% and 70%. This is well below today's efficiency standards mandated by the Department of Energy. A new, Westinghouse system can reach efficiency levels of up to 97%.
  • Also, you will be ditching an old, loud system and replacing it with a new, quieter furnace.
  • In addition, a new system will come with the option of a Westinghouse long parts warranty. These warranties can provide coverage for up to 10 years.

A quality, efficient Westinghouse heating or air conditioning unit will be covered under the Westinghouse 10-year warranty and Quality Pledge (when the warranty is registered). Our systems are top-of-the-line. We even manufacture one of the most efficient air conditioners on the market, named a Consumers Digest Best Buy.

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