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iQ Drive heating and cooling systems offer ultra-high efficiency, superior home comfort and ultimate value.

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Expertly Designed

Each iQ Drive system is crafted to precisely meet your comfort demands at all times.

Modulating operations means more consistent temperatures, fewer on/off cycles and smart energy use.

Westinghouse single-stage versus modulating home comfort systems chart

Money-Saving Efficiency

100% more efficient than 10 years ago air conditioner Westinghouse

100% more efficient than air conditioners from 10 years ago.

More fuel efficient iQ Drive Westinghouse

Cooling your home with an iQ Drive heat pump or air conditioner is like driving a car that gets 40 mpg - saving you money on fuel costs.

Save money on bills iQ Drive Westinghouse

Greater efficiency equals less energy used and lower utility bills.

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Smart Comfort Control

iQ Drive systems work with smart programmable thermostats.

Westinghouse Programmable Thermostat

The controller is the central hub of your heating and cooling system. Think of it as a brain - it can communicate adjustments to your systems based on the comfort schedule YOU outline.

Man enjoying his quiet Westinghouse iQ Drive system

Ultimate Sound Reduction

iQ Drive systems operate quietly - down to 59 dBA!

That's quieter than your toaster, washing machine or the average conversation!

Which System Will You Choose?

Need an air conditioner? We've got it covered. Fancy a heat pump? Also an option.

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