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Westinghouse Installed Condensing Gas/Electric Package Unit

Not Sure Whether to Go With a Split System Heating and Cooling Setup or a Packaged System?

There are things you should know about packaged systems before making the decision to purchase one. Packaged units, at a basic level, are heating and cooling systems that contain all of their necessary components in one unit that is placed outdoors there is no indoor component. They come in installation options that include a large footprint and a small footprint. Large footprint packaged units offer flexible installation they can be installed on either a roof or a slab that sits beside your home. Small footprint packaged units offer easy, slab installation. In addition to installation options, they also come in a number of different varieties that can address different homeowner's needs. The type of system you choose will depend on the heating and cooling demands of your home throughout a given year.

Different Types of Packaged Heating and Cooling Units.

Packaged Air Conditioners. A packaged air conditioner provides electric cooling capabilities for homeowners in areas that don't see a lot of cold weather. This type of packaged equipment runs like an air conditioner paired with an air handler. Although you can get some electric heating power with heat strips, these units are designed for homeowners in areas like Florida and South Texas that don't see too many cold nights. Westinghouse units range in efficiencies from 13 to 15 SEER and are a great budget-friendly option.

Packaged Heat Pumps. A packaged heat pump supplies powerful electric cooling capabilities (like a packaged air conditioner), but it is also able to reverse the flow of refrigerant and supply electric heating capabilities as well. This method of electric heating is preferred over other electric heating methods because it does not have to create original heat. Instead, this unit transfers heat using refrigerant. This unit acts like a heat pump paired with an air handler is a good choice for homeowners in the South. Westinghouse offers packaged heat pumps in a range of efficiencies from 13 SEER to 15 SEER and 7.7 HSPF to 8 HSPF.

Dual-Fuel Systems. A dual-fuel system provides flexibility when it comes to the fuel source you would like to use to heat your home. These units supply electric cooling capabilities and offer both electric and gas heating capabilities. When temperatures are mildly cold and haven't dropped too low, this system can use the electric heating option. However, when heating demands are raised and you need the powerful heating power supplied by gas-fueled heat, this unit switches over to gas powered heat. This way, depending on utility rates in your area, you are always using the most efficient fuel source for the temperature. We offer one packaged dual-fuel system the iHybrid 15 SEER, 8 HSPF, 80% AFUE packaged unit.

Packaged Gas/Electric Systems. Packaged gas/electric systems offer powerful heating and cooling capabilities supplied by gas and electricity, respectively. It combines the power of an air conditioner and a gas furnace. These systems are great for homeowners who are looking to invest in efficient heating and cooling equipment. Westinghouse offers two ultra-high-efficiency options that are leaders in cooling and heating efficiency.

The R6GI uses iQ Drive®, inverter-driven rotary technology to offer 20-SEER cooling capabilities. The unit modulates between 40% and 118% capacity in order to meet the demands of your home at any given time without going through loud, energy-sucking on/off cycles.

When it comes to the heating efficiency side of things, the R8HE delivers. This gas pack offers 95% AFUE the highest heating efficiency of any gas pack available to homeowners. It is able to achieve such high levels of efficiency because of condensing operation in fact it is the first-ever residential condensing gas pack. When furnaces go above 90% AFUE, condensate forms. In gas packs, there is a fear that this condensate will freeze and cause the unit to malfunction. The R8HE eliminates this fear by piping the condensate below the frost line.

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