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Central Air Conditioner Prices Vary According to What You Need in Your Alabama Home

The price for a new air conditioner for your Alabama home is going to vary according to what you want to get out of your cooling system. We don't need to tell you that an Alabama summer is going to be hot and humid - maybe a little less so for residents further north near Arab or Huntsville. That means that your central air conditioner needs to be able to effectively, efficiently meet the cooling demands placed on your home to maintain a comfortable indoor environment. Everything from efficiency to the size of the unit is going to affect price - some things you can avoid and other things will be determined based on your home.

Firstly, efficiency is critical when it comes to determining the cost of a new air conditioner. A high-efficiency air conditioner - like the up to 20 SEER iQ Drive air conditioner - is gong to have a higher price tag up front, but can offer lifetime savings on monthly summer cooling costs. If you need to save money on the purchase price, you may want to go with a standard-efficiency unit. These budget-friendly air conditioners may not be the most efficient air conditioners available today, but they meet efficiency standards and can be a significant upgrade to an old air conditioner, particularly if you have a unit older than 2006 - when the minimum-efficiency level was set at 10 SEER. Another factor that affects cost is size. However, size is not something that you can adjust to save on costs. Your heating and cooling contractor will perform a Manual J load calculation to determine which size air conditioner you need for your home. A properly sized air conditioner is a must-have for proper performance and maximum lifespan.

When that Alabama summer rolls in enjoy your air conditioning system. Regardless of the cost of your air conditioner, you are going to be happy you invested in a new one.

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You are only going to be able to determine the final cost of your complete central air conditioning system by working alongside your quality, local Alabama contractor. Your central air conditioning system is comprised of much more than the box outside. Installation costs, the air handler/furnace inside, indoor air quality products, ductwork, etc. are all things that can affect central air conditioner system prices. That is why we don't list prices online. It can be tempting to go with the contractor who gives you the lowest bid, but they may have to cut corners to offer that rock bottom central AC price. Make sure you do your research and find a local contractor who is going to do the job right the first time - not just the one that offers the lowest air conditioner pricing.

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