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Although furnaces prices can get high, knowing which system you need for your home should be top priority during your Georgia home furnace purchase.

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Different aspects of a gas furnace purchase - such as efficiency, size and installation costs - can add up. However, all of these characteristics have implications for the lifelong performance of your heating system.For example, a high-efficiency gas furnace can have a hefty up-front price tag, but you can recoup those costs over time in money-savings on utility bills through efficient performance. Also, going merely off of installation costs from one contractor to another can be a bad choice. Although it can be tempting to skimp on gas furnace installation costs, you can end up paying for that decision through costly repairs and replacement costs sooner rather than later.

Want to know what else goes into gas furnace prices? Explore our helpful knowledge center for advice on purchasing one system over another and much more.

Is the Cost of Natural Gas Adding Up? Install a Dual-Fuel System in Your Georgia Home

Is your old gas furnace giving your a costly headache? It may be time to select a different heating and air conditioning system that can meet all Georgia heating and cooling needs. A dual-fuel system can be the answer to your new system desires.Dual-fuel systems contain a heat pump and a gas furnace. A heat pump can provide heating and cooling power and your gas furnace will kick on only when your heat pump can no longer heat your home efficiently. This way, the cost to run your natural gas furnace may be less. But, if you live in an area where temperatures don't drop too low, you may be able to address all of your heating and cooling needs with a heat pump paired with an air handler.

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