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The search for your Virginia home furnace systems contractor is just as important as searching for the actual unit itself

If you are clueless when it comes to finding the right furnace heating system for your home, you arenŐt alone. That is what the professionals are for. However, donŐt assume that every home furnace system contractor is going to be able to install every single type of equipment. Different HVAC systems require different certifications and training. For example, contractors who install highly-efficient, iQ Drive® gas furnaces need to be certified to install iQ Drive units. If your high-efficiency furnace heating system is improperly installed, you may not be getting the promised energy savings.

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Boost Cooling Efficiency with Your Virginia Home Furnace System

The changing seasons in Virginia can be both a blessing and a curse. During fall and spring, the leaves and the flowers, plus the mild temperatures, can make Virginia a wonderful place to live. However, scorching summers and freezing winters can be unpleasant. A high-efficiency furnace heating system can lessen the economic burden that heating a home during the winter can cause. Plus, you can get an energy-efficient furnace heating system with iSEER capabilities and boost the efficiency of your 13- or 14 SEER cooling system by up to 1 SEER point. Extra efficiency can equate to more energy savings on utility bills.

Contact a local Westinghouse home furnace systems contractor to see if an iSEER system is a good choice for your home.

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