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Whether you are repairing an old home heating unit or replacing the existing unit in your Maryland home, the best place to start is with contractor selection.

Contractor quality directly correlates with the quality of your overall home heating system. A poorly installed or maintained heating or air conditioning unit may work for a while, but you could end up with a unit that performs below expected efficiency or even breaks down sooner rather than later. The best place to start is by doing your research. Different contractors will be qualified to install different home heating systems - different efficiencies, different brands, different types...etc. - so it is important that you find the one who fits your needs the best.

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Where in Maryland Do You Live?

Whether you are budget-conscious or looking for the highest efficiency HVAC system available, there is a home heating system that will suit your needs. The level of efficiency you want to select for your Maryland home varies according to which area of the state you live in. If you live closer to the coast, you may be able to get away with a budget-friendly, 80% AFUE furnace. However, if you live further inland, you may want to explore the highly-efficient options available through Westinghouse. Although you may pay more upfront for initial costs, you can save money over the course of your unit's lifetime through efficient performance. Longer heating seasons mean you are going to have to run your furnace more often, which can really drive up utility costs. That is why having an efficient furnace is so important for utility savings.

Talk to your local Maryland heating system contractor to start your furnace selection process.

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