Selecting a New Furnace for Your New York Home

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The amount of new furnaces choices may seem overwhelming. Make your job easier by hiring a quality New York contractor to help guide you through the buying process.

The average home furnace lasts approximately 20 years! That means that although these systems are arguably the most important home comfort appliance, you don't have a lot of experience shopping around for one. That is why the professionals are there. A quality home furnace contractor will not only be able to fit your home with the new system that suits your needs, but will be able to correctly install and maintain your new furnace for years. When a system has been properly installed and maintained, you can expect peak performance for years.

However, there are some other things to think about before diving into a new home furnace purchase.

Cope with Cold New York Winters by Choosing the Heating Efficiency That Suits Your Needs

Although the Big Apple enjoys warmer weather, the rest of New York State is not so fortunate. Temperatures can get frigid for the rest of the state during the winter. That is why is is important that you choose the home furnace that best suits your needs. Are you a budget-conscious homeowner? You may want to upgrade your existing unit to a new furnace rated at 80% AFUE. These minimum efficiency heating systems can be a significant upgrade to a clunky old home furnace that may only be rated at 60% AFUE or 70% AFUE - the higher the AFUE percentage of a heating unit, the more energy the heating system converts to useful heating power throughout your home.

For homeowners looking for even higher efficiency, Westinghouse has home furnaces rated all the way up to 97% AFUE! Talk to your New York contractor to find the new furnace rated at the right efficiency for your budget and needs.

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