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Ohio residents should regularly have their furnace serviced in order to avoid emergency service calls during the winter

Keeping up with furnace maintenance is important for Ohio residents prepping for winter. During the peak heating season, contractors can receive numerous emergency maintenance calls. This upshot in maintenance calls means that you may be waiting longer than you’d like for your gas furnace to be fixed. Scheduling annual preventative maintenance in the fall can bypass this lengthy wait time. Minor problems can escalate if they are left untouched for long periods of time.

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An Efficient Gas Furnace Is Great for Ohio Winters

Saving money on utility bills can be a major perk of buying a more efficient gas furnace. The Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) index is a percentage that measures just how well your furnace converts the energy it consumes to heating power throughout your home. Your gas furnace works hard to provide all of the heat you need for your entire home. Our gas furnaces come in a wide range of efficiencies – from 80% AFUE all the way up to 97% AFUE! A more efficient, iQ Drive® system may also qualify for state, federal or local incentives that can put money back in your pocket.

If you live in an area of Ohio that is subject to lower winter temperatures, a high-efficiency gas furnace can have many benefits. Get in touch with your local gas furnace contractor for quotes and install.

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