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iQ Drive®

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Shave money off monthly utility costs and maximize home comfort by choosing an iQ Drive ® product — our leading heating and air conditioning systems!

Westinghouse iQ Drive Air Conditioner Westinghouse iQ Drive Gas Pack Westinghouse iQ Drive Heat Pump
Ultra-high efficiency and very quiet. Ultra-high efficiency. The most efficient gas pack you can buy. Ultra-high efficiency and very quiet.

Install an expertly-crafted, highly-efficient iQ Drive® heating or cooling unit.

The experts at Westinghouse continue to release products in the iQ Drive® line geared at reaching the highest levels of efficiency. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, our engineers continue to design products geared at giving homeowners an HVAC system that works at peak performance levels. Currently, Westinghouse offers one of the most efficient air conditioners in the industry - the up to 20 SEER iQ Drive air conditioner. The higher your unit's efficiency levels, the more money you can potentially save on your monthly utility payments.

iQ Drive systems use inverter-driven rotary compressors to reach such high levels of efficiency. This compressor allows the system to module between capacities - from 40 to 118% - meaning your smart iQ Drive unit can decide how hard it has to work, and how much energy it has to use, to heat or cool your home.

Of course there are many options to choose from within our iQ Drive line. Click on the options on the left to tailor your system to your wants and needs. You can always contact your local Westinghouse contractor for additional information about iQ Drive products and pricing quotes by using the dealer locator.

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