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Westinghouse iQ Drive® Communicating Controller
Westinghouse iQ Drive® Controller

Westinghouse iQ Drive® Communicating Controller

  • Smart: This communicating controller can “talk” between your indoor and outdoor components. It assesses the heating or cooling load of your space and uses the information to communicate adjustments.
  • Quickly Discover System's Aliments: This communicating thermostat can troubleshoot your system. It alerts homeowners when a service call is needed and provides useful information to the service technician so they can quickly assess problems.
  • Highly Intuitive: The fully interactive display and intuitive control make for a thermostat that is truly easy to use.
  • Easy to See in Low Light: The touchscreen is backlit, making it easy to read in low light.

This patent-pending thermostat is designed specifically for use with iQ Drive equipment. The iQ Drive controller gives you complete control over your high-efficiency central heating and cooling system.

Product Code: IQ_STAT
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Warranty Info
  • 1 year parts warranty.
  • If installed as part of a matched system, assumes the system warranty.
  • Product registration required

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