Westinghouse Upgrades FT4BE Heat Pump With Micro-Channel Condensing Coil

The FT4BE is the first heat pump to include these coils.

Westinghouse FT4BE Heat Pump Installed

St. Louis, September 19, 2013 — The engineers at Westinghouse heating and air conditioning are the first to include all-aluminum Micro-Channel coils in a heat pump. 14/15-SEER FT4BE heat pump will be constructed with all-aluminum, Micro-Channel condensing coils. Currently, Westinghouse already offers air conditioners through 16 SEER that include these expertly-crafted coils.

“Homeowners and contractors alike will be amazed at the improvements that come with adding Micro-Channel coils,” says Matt Lattanzi, the Westinghouse director of product management. “These coils will add a number of benefits to our already expertly-crafted heat pumps.”

The benefits of adding Micro-Channel coils to the FT4BE include:

  • Smaller Outdoor Unit: Due to the more compact layout of Micro-Channel coils, the height of the unit can be reduced by up to 4 inches in some models. Additionally, these condensing units will weigh 6-7 percent less than condensing units that use other coils.
  • Increased Coil Durability: The consistent construction of a Micro-Channel coil makes them more durable than traditional, copper tube-in-fin coils.
  • Better Heat Transfer: When compared to other coils, the Micro-Channel coil is able to facilitate heat transfer better. This means that the coil can retain efficiency and stay small.
  • Uses Less Refrigerant: Refrigerant is expensive. These coils use 42 percent less refrigerant than other coil options.

To learn more about industry-leading Micro-Channel coil technology, contractors and distributors should visit www.microchannelfacts.com

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