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The best way to keep your Illinois natural gas furnace up and running at peak performance levels is to schedule annual preventative maintenance with your high-efficiency gas furnace contractor.

There are many components that go into your heating system. Each of these components plays a vital role when it comes to regulating the temperature of your home during the winter. During your natural gas furnace annual preventative maintenance appointment your contractor will: check connections, clean vital components, change your filter and more. The best time to schedule a maintenance appointment is before the peak heating season - during mid to late fall. This way, you avoid a costly emergency maintenance appointment during the peak season.

From selecting the right system to choosing the right contractor, there are many things that affect the lifetime performance of your high-efficiency gas furnace. For more information, explore our helpful buying and troubleshooting guides.

Want to Boost Heating and Cooling Efficiency in Your Illinois Home? Invest in a Natural Gas Furnace with iSEER® Capabilities

Illinois weather can be like a moody teenager - hot one minute and cold the next. That is why it is important that you explore your high-efficiency heating and cooling options. With an iSEER natural gas furnace, you can get the best of both worlds. Not only do these furnaces range in efficiency from 80% AFUE all the way up to 97% AFUE, but they have the ability to boost the cooling efficiency of your 13- or 14-SEER air conditioner or heat pump by up to 1-SEER point! Efficiency affects the amount of money you spend on heating and cooling your home each month. Since heating and air conditioning generally comprises the majority of your utility bills, any method of saving money is welcome.

The best person to talk to about your high-efficiency gas furnace options is your local contractor. Use our dealer locator to find the natural gas furnace contractor in your area.

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