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Any Louisiana central heating contractor should be able to install your central heating and air unit right?

...Not necessarily. There are many decisions that you will have to make when choosing a new central heat and air unit. Not only are you tasked with selecting the right efficiency and type for a home in your area, but you also need to find the right heating and air conditioning professional to install your new HVAC equipment. Different equipment will require different skill sets in order to be installed properly. For example, a highly-efficient central heat and air unit will require different charges and installation practices than other equipment in order to be installed correctly. Make sure you do your research.

Need more advice? Our helpful knowledge base offers homeowners tips for selecting the right central heating unit.

Summer or Winter - Louisiana Residents Won't Be Disappointed With Their Heat Pump

Didn't think there was a one unit solution to your Louisiana home's central heating needs? Think again. A heat pump can effectively address the year-round heating and cooling needs of your Louisiana home. Because Louisiana enjoys relatively mild winters,a natural gas furnace isn't necessarily needed to meet your heating requirements. A heat pump is able to work like an air conditioner during the summer and then switch over to heating mode when temperatures get a little cooler. This way, you won't have to invest in a gas furnace and, in turn, natural gas fuel for heating.

However, if the temperatures in your area do get a little chillier during the winter and you want the security provided by a natural gas furnace, you can explore your dual-fuel central heating options. Talk to your local Louisiana central heat and air contractor for more information about the right central heating system for your home.

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