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Installing a residential heating system requires more than just going in and welding a few joint together. Your West Virginia contractor must ensure that you are getting the best new system possible.

From ductwork and indoor air quality to efficiency and size, there are many components of a whole home residential heating system that need to be taken into account before any new system is installed in your home. When your contractor enters your home, they should be checking these components to make sure that everything is in tip-top shape before you choose and install a new heating system. Your ductwork, for example, can affect the size system that you need. Poor air distribution can lead to hot and cold spots, as well an inefficient performance. Why invest in a high-efficiency heating system if you are just going to lose that efficiency in your ducts? These components can add to overall costs, but you will be thankful for them in the long run.

Need more tips? We offer plenty of advice for homeowners going into a new residential heating system purchase.

West Virginia's Mountains Define More Than the Climate

Mountain living can come with many perks, like cooler temperatures during the summer, but it can also present some drawbacks - particularly in terms of interior space. Many homes that are located in the mountains don't have attics, crawlspaces or interior room for the indoor component of your HVAC system. This tends to contain the heating system components. That is why exploring your packaged unit options can be the way to go. Package systems contain all of the crucial components for your heating and cooling system in one, convenient outdoor unit. The iHybrid, in particular, can be a great choice for West Virginia homeowners. These package units contain a heat pump and a gas heating component. This way, you don't always have to use natural gas to power your heating system. Your heat pump can provide heating power with electricity down to around 25°F.

But this is just one option. There are many residential heating options available to West Virginians. Talk to your local contractor for information about new heating systems.

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