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Selecting the right local HVAC contractor is key to your Westinghouse HVAC equipment purchase. You need someone who is up-to-date on training, certified to install the type of HVAC equipment you need and who handles themselves in a professional manner. A Westinghouse Genuine Contractor offers you all that and more. To be a Genuine Contractor, HVAC contractors must maintain an outstanding reputation and back all of their installations with a 100% Genuine Contractor Satisfaction Guarantee. For ultimate home comfort and experience satisfaction, hire a Genuine Contractor for your HVAC service or install.

Shining reputations. An HVAC contractor’s reputation can follow them around. And with a Genuine Contractor, that is always a positive thing. Those HVAC contractors who are Genuine Contractors maintain nothing but positive reviews from satisfied customers. If a contractor were to have negative reviews and numerous complaints, they would not be able to be a Genuine Contractor.

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Expert installaion. Not to mention, with a Westinghouse Genuine Contractor you are getting only the highest quality installation job. These HVAC contractors must stay current with all trainings, permits, licenses and certifications. Also, they must make sure that they are complying with all local, state and federal laws with every install. For additional quality control, a Genuine Contractor must be NATE (North American Technician Excellence)-certified or have an install checked by a NATE-certified technician to ensure that best practices were used while installing a particular unit.

Complete Customer Satisfaction with the Westinghouse 100% Genuine Contractor Satisfaction Guarantee.

Ever experience buyer’s remorse? Westinghouse Genuine Contractors want to make sure that isn’t an issue with the 100% Genuine Contractor Satisfaction Guarantee. With this coverage, you can guarantee that if you are not satisfied with your HVAC unit or installation job, you won’t lose the money you put into your HVAC installation job. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with the Westinghouse unit installed by a Genuine Contractor, you can return it for a full refund. Your Genuine Contractor will come and remove the unit, at no extra cost to you, and reimburse you the original cost of having the unit installed. In addition to that, if you have your air conditioner, furnace, heat pump, etc., repaired by a Genuine Contractor and that part happens to fail, you will be eligible for a full refund – parts and labor covered – up to 90 days after the repair. This is an unprecedented amount of coverage. Genuine Contractors are that confident in the quality of their work and the quality of a Westinghouse heating and cooling unit.

Find your Genuine Contractor. Look for a Genuine Contractor in your area using the Westinghouse dealer locator. Don’t leave your HVAC installation up to chance and use any old HVAC contractor. A Westinghouse Genuine Contractor will do your HVAC installation or repair job right the first time.

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